Colour Analysis


Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us. When we get it right, it is the first step to looking great.

Wrong colours These colours are not flattering for my skin tone. I

Have you ever wondered why your skin looks sallow and grey when you wear certain colours?

How it works

Whilst the main question you want me to answer is: ‘what colours suit me?’ I will begin by finding out a bit about your lifestyle, clothes, make-up, shopping habits and what colours you like to wear.

By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together you will then be shown the range of colours that complement your unique colouring and ways in which you can wear them.

You will learn how to bring the colours from your personal palette into your wardrobe and find out which ones really give you the WOW factor.

You will also be advised on your best neutral shades and how they can create your wardrobe staples such as suits, jackets and trousers.

To complete the full effect, this will also include a  complimentary full make over in  Colour me Beautiful make-up in their exclusive colours that compliment your skin tone and features that enhances your natural beauty.

You will leave with a personalised wallet containing 42 fabric swatches and colour combination tips to take with you for future shopping trips so you will always know which colours to wear.

Full Colour Analysis
Price: £180
Approx. 2 Hours

Time for a Colour Review

Colour Wallet

As time goes by there maybe some adjustment needed to the shades that are right for you. 

If you have had your colours analysed previously by Colour me Beautiful but now realise that your colouring has changed.

I can offer you a re-assessment of your colours.

This 1 hour session includes a  refreshed make-up  prescription and a review of your palette.

Swatches in your wallet can be exchanged if in excellent condition or additional swatch cards added purchased at £9.99 each.

Colour Review
Price: £90
Approx. 1 Hour