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Are you looking for everyday confidence and effortless style?

Your easy, effortless chic wardrobe begins with clothes that flatter your body shape, reflect your style personality and are in your best colours 

Know what to wear and how to wear it with confidence creating that great first impression

All my services can be tailor made to fit the individual if you have any queries or you are unsure which service is right for you, please feel free to contact me for a free discovery call via the enquiry button below


I received this wonderful testimonial on Google following a Colour Consultation

Moira April 2021

Wow is what I want to start of with. I have been on such a personal journey and meeting Shirley was amazing. I was emotional before I arrived, nervous! I was going through so many barriers with my self confidence and sledge hammering them all out of the way on this day.

I learned so much about colours and what goes with what colour as well.

Today I actually confidently shopped for clothes knowing what was best for me. I’ve never done that in my whole life.

I also had my make up done and honestly speaking I’ve never painted my eye brows or even ever had the right shade of eye liner or lipstick! I promise I won’t go back to black ever again and gosh what a difference. I know it sounds simple but a great lesson.

It was the first time I had also stood in front of a full length mirror without running away, knowing Shirley was only at arms reach was good too. Again more barriers broken.

It was more than just having my colours done. I saw my sparkling eyes. I went in very shy and came out a young beautiful confident lady.

Words really aren’t enough for what help you have given me. Long may you help others as you have helped me sooo much. Good luck and wish you well. Much much love. Xxx

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About me

My name is Shirley Webb and I live in the beautiful town of Downham Market in Norfolk

I trained with Colour me Beautiful, (the world’s leading authority on Colour and Style) in January 2019 and started my business on February 1st 2019. In February 2020 I was awarded the Best Newcomer in Europe and a Silver Award for my sales in Just 11 months.

I have always had a love for colour since having my first colour analysis over 15 years ago.  My hair started to turn grey and my body had changed shape after having my children.  I found I had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing went together, and I couldn’t understand why the fashionable colours and styles looked good on my friends but not on me.

Following my initial Colour Analysis, the boost to my confidence was immense and I got my dream job as a consequence. I still remember that feeling of empowerment and confidence when I came out of the consultation. 

My passion is to help other ladies to feel and look amazing no matter what size, shape or age they are. 

My one-to-one consultations take place in my garden studio however, many of my services can now be accessed on line.


Change Your Look – Change Your Life – Be Transformed