Reviews and Testimonials

July 2021


Thankyou Shirley I had a fabulous time discovering my colours. I can't wait for my Style session

May 2021

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for yesterday.

You have given me the confidence to apply make up, no mean feat trust me, and also brought a greater understanding and a greater love of the colours that I will/am wearing. Bottom line it was a "meant to be moment" for which in my heart I am truly, truly grateful you gave me much more than a colour consultation. "Time for me" so THANK YOU.

I met up with a friend at the weekend. We were chatting when she just stopped and said "I have to say, you look amazing!"  ☺ Mission accomplished!

April 2021

Wow is what I want to start of with. I have been on such a personal journey and meeting Shirley was amazing. I was emotional before I arrived, nervous! I was going through so many barriers with my self confidence and sledge hammering them all out of the way on this day. 

I learned so much about colours and what goes with what colour as well. 

Today I actually confidently shopped for clothes knowing what was best for me. I’ve never done that in my whole life. 

I also had my make up done and honestly speaking I’ve never painted my eye brows or even ever had the right shade of eye liner or lipstick! I promise I won’t go back to black ever again and gosh what a difference. I know it sounds simple but a great lesson.

It was the first time I had also stood in front of a full length mirror without running away, knowing Shirley was only at arms reach was good too. Again more barriers broken. 

It was more than just having my colours done. I saw my sparkling eyes. I went in very shy and came out a young beautiful confident lady. 

Words really aren’t enough for what help you have given me. Long may you help others as you have helped me sooo much. Good luck and wish you well. Much much love. Xxx


I very much enjoyed my Colour Refresh with Shirley yesterday. I found her very easy to talk to, sympathetic and a very good listener. The refresh has given me some fabulous new colours to explore. The make-up session was incredibly useful and I would definitely recommend her services which I am sure will save

money in the long run, minimising costly mistakes!!



On Saturday I had a lipstick consultation with Shirley via zoom. I have been following Shirley for a while in her Colour and Style with Shirley group on Facebook, and absolutely love what she does and the fact that she is not putting on an act, she is comfortable in her own skin to just be uniquely Shirley. 

Shirley listened to what I was after and came up with a ‘90 second zoom ready’ plan for me.  Shirley is so warm & friendly, you can tell she doesn’t just love her job, she has an absolute passion for it. If you aren't in her group, I recommended it. I’m so glad I discovered you Shirley, now I can zoom with confidence

November 2020


Wow, what a brilliant morning I had with Shirley. I first had ‘my colours done’ more than 30 years ago and, in those days, I was analysed as ‘Autumn flowing into spring’; I’ve been happy with my colour palette until fairly recently. However, as I’ve now let my hair revert to its natural colour (mixture of grey and white) I started to feel that some of my colours didn’t feel quite right. I am aware that the pigmentation of skin and hair changes as we age and I also knew that, in more recent years, the process of colour assessment has been refined. I decided that the time was right for me to update and have another assessment. I couldn’t have chosen a better consultant than Shirley; she is so warm, friendly and knowledgeable; the whole session was fun and I felt really relaxed.

My palette is still warm and does include some of my original colours however, I now have some gorgeous new soft and muted shades that are much more flattering for me. Shirley has given me some excellent advice regarding make-up and also how I can soften some of my existing wardrobe items (that are now a little too vibrant for me) with my new colours. I can thoroughly recommend having a consultation with Shirley; it will help you to feel and look your best and is an excellent investment. 

October 2020

Rachel V
I’ve felt so exhausted lately and I think my tiredness was ingrained into my sallow and washed out face! With Shirley's help, I’ve brought some of the colour back!!
The make up was amazing...I’ve struggled with this of late since my skin is getting older and just making small changes - like from a black to a brown mascara and putting some soft blusher on...and lipstick (which I’ve NEVER worn cos I hate drawing attention to my teeth) ..made all the difference. 
Thanks Shirley, I needed that!!!

September 2020

Bridget V
Just Brilliant! Shirley is professional and fun to work with. She is an expert on colour and ones body shape and also one's personality. she is able to give advice on what would make someone feel better about themselves. Well it helped me. I have come away with a lot to take in but more importantly the tools to help me. a very good service thank you.

March 2020 

Emma E
Thank you again for a brilliant morning - we honestly couldn't stop talking about it all weekend. Mum is so enthusiastic about her new colours (and makeup) and it's so lovely to see. Of course I'll leave a review! my sister is now quite keen to book an appointment of her own once everything is back to normal.

February 2020

Linda S
Had a good time with Shirley. She listens to you and takes time to get things right. The makeup lesson was really helpful.
I had a lovely few hours over two sessions with Shirley during my BTransformed session, and I learnt a lot about what colours work for me both in terms of clothes and makeup. I've since gone through my entire wardrobe to see what I already own that really works, and made a few great quality purchases at the local charity shops – fantastic advice. I would highly recommend booking a session with Shirley, she's great at what she does and a lovely person to boot.
Debbie M
We had a lovely day with Shirley, she's warm and welcoming and full of good advice. It's amazing what a difference a simple change of colour can do! We all came away brimming with new confidence, and we're looking forward to shopping for our new colours knowing that they'll look good. We'll be back for a full colour analysis soon

January 2020

Sue T
I had a wonderful few hours, felt thoroughly pampered and the advise I was given made me consider my choices of colour. Its well worth having a consultation, you will enjoy.

Louise R

What a fabulous experience. Can recommend it to anyone. It was surprisingly emotional. Wish I had done this years ago.

Lindsay P

Talk about a transformation!!!!!!
My deepest thanks and gratitude go to Shirley Webb of BTransformed. I had a wonderful day having my colours done and wow it was amazing to see you colour can change your shape and suit your face and hair colouring.
Shirley put about 70 odd colours next to me and demonstrated how colour can change me and oh boy it did!   We discussed make up and she put make up on to suit my complexion.
She talked to be about body shape and I tried on a few demonstration clothes of what flatters my shape .
We also discovered my hair looks great up with a sort of side fringe rather than me just hacking my fringe into a straight line across my forehead.

December 2019 
Thanks for a lovely day. I love sorting and organising so I am looking forward to attacking my wardrobes and jewellery!
I am reading the Colour Me Beautiful book with enjoyment!

Thank you. I had a lovely day and have already started pruning my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to doing some shopping.

Thank you very much for a lovely day on Monday. I loved it and appreciated how much time and effort you put into it. I have lots to think about and will enjoy making some changes. 

November 2019

Alison B

Thank you Shirley for putting so much attention to detail and enthusiasm into my Transformation day . I enjoyed it so much. I came away feeling excited and with my confidence renewed. I am so pleased with my colours and have enjoyed making some changes in the way I dress and shop. I am very happy to recommend you.

Susan S

recently had a colour consultation with Shirley.  I found it a really positive experience.  It opened my eyes to so many new colours that I can include in my wardrobe and make up. It has given me the confidence and  inspiration to step outside my comfort zone and ‘go for it’!
Shirley is welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and made me feel a ‘million dollars’.

October 2019


Had a lovely and informative day today with Shirley, she is helpful and knows her stuff when it comes to colours that suit your skin tone, thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you x

I spent a fun and informative afternoon with Shirley learning about the colours & make up best suited for me. Shirley is very knowledgeable and I now have the tools to start updating my wardrobe. The make up was great and stayed in place all day-I will definitely be purchasing some new eye make up after seeing the difference it makes! I would recommend Shirley to anyone thinking of changing or updating their look.
Thank you to Shirley for a great experience. Very informative learning about what colours are best for me, which will definitely help me when shopping in future. Shirley was kind and made me feel comfortable. It was a birthday treat and I felt truly spoilt. I would recommend the makeup book too!
Shirley is attentive, has a good sense of humour and makes you feel comfortable whilst providing expert guidance. Feeling fantastic!
Thank you Shirley for a wonderful afternoon, I felt pampered, heard and most of all FABULOUS
Just to say thank you for this afternoon. I keep looking in the mirror as I can't believe the difference that something as simple as the right make-up colours has made to my face. I feel 10 years younger! Look forward to the style consultation and to see what changes that brings. This is an excellent build up to my 60th. Should have got my colours done years ago.

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