-Talks and Presentations-
I am available to give talks and presentations to groups of any size as a stand alone presentation or as part of an event and these will always be tailor made to suit the audience.

For further information use the contact button below 


- Group Bookings -

Workshops are ideal for introduction to the concept of Colour and Style whilst having a sociable fun time with colleagues or friends.  

Perfect for birthdays, a treat for busy mums, hen nights, or any girls' get-together

Workshops and Group bookings are available via zoom  until Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted

- How it Works -

Either arrange for your own group of family or friends together on a day and at a time to suit you - 


Join a pre-organised group - watch out for events on the Events page or on the BTransformed Facebook page.

There are various options available to suit all pockets see below 

Option 1: Make up Party

Find Your Most Flattering Shades of Colour me Beautiful Make up

Why not have a get together and discover the most flattering shades of Make up ?

Whats included?

  • Everyone will have mini colour analysis to identify their dominant Palette
  • Everyone will have an individual recipe for all the most flattering shades of make up in their colour palette to take away
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to experiment with Colour me Beautiful Make up
  • There will be an opportunity to purchase and order products on the day 

Make up Party

Price: £15 per person
Duration approximately  2 to 3 hours depending on Group size 

Group size: 3-6 Persons

Option 2: Introduction to Confidence with Colour 

What you will learn

By looking at the way in which your skin tone, eye and hair colours work together, you’ll learn which colours are the most flattering 

You will discover  what your best base neutral colours are (30 shades from your your 42 shades palette)

The workshop also includes information on how to apply a natural-looking, long-lasting make-up application – and you will learn which are the most flattering shades for you

You will receive a bespoke recipe for make up shades to enhance your natural beauty

Introduction to Confidence with colour

Price:  £30 per person

Duration: 3 hours approx... depending on group size

Your 30 -colour fabric swatch wallet can be purchased for £40 ( RRP = £43) on the day if you wish to avoid second  guessing your colours when shopping,

Group size: 3-6

Option 3: Introduction to Style 

Have you ever heard the saying ‘confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’?

 Style is about looking and feeling good in what you are wearing,  

This workshop is a perfect introduction into discovering your body shape and style personality

What you will learn:-

  • Your style personality. This will help you reflect the real you in your clothing
  • Your body shape. By knowing the true shape of your body, this helps you to know how to dress it in a flattering way
  • Basic tips on looking good
  • What to look for when buying accessories to reflect your personality 
  • How to use scarves to accessorise your outfits 

Introduction to Style

Price: £30 per person

Duration:  approximately 3 Hours depending on size of group 

Group size: 3 - 6

Option 4: Introduction to Colour and Style 

As looking stylish is not just about colour, you maybe curious to find more information on how to look good.  

Be one step closer to that wardrobe that gives you effortless style

What you will learn about your colours :-

  • Your dominant palette ( everyone falls into 1 of 6)
  • Your best colour combination of make up to enhance their natural skin tone
  • How to mix your colours to your best advantage
  • In addition there will be an opportunity to purchase  a colour wallet containing 30 base neutral colours from your Dominant Palette to  keep with them every time they go shopping.

What you will learn about your style:-

  • Your style personality
  • Your body shape
  •  Basic tips on how to dress to  flatter your body shape
  •  Basic principles on capsule wardrobe.
  • The use of scarves to accessorise 

Introduction to Colour and Style

Price: £50 per person

Duration: 4 hours approx., depending on group size

A Wallet containing 30 of your 42 colours can be purchased for £40 ( RRP = £43)

Group size: 3-6

Option:- 5 Seasonal Update

Seasonal Updates will take place twice a year, every February / March ( Spring and Summer)  and September / October ( Autumn and Winter).

What You will Learn

  • What the new Season fashion trends will be.
  • What Colours will be available for you in the shops.
  • Where you will find your colours.
  • How you can update your current wardrobe without buying a whole set of clothes.

There will also be an opportunity to  top up your make up supplies with Colour me Beautiful Make up

Seasonal Update

Price per Person: £15 
(however Bring a friend along for Just £25 for 2)
Duration approximately 2 hours

Group size: Up to 8