Lockdown Mood Booster

Lockdown Mood Booster

Lockdown Mood Booster

How to look stylish whilst remaining comfortable and warm

Who is needing a lift during Lockdown to boost your mood?

·         You can’t get to the shops.

·         You are choosing those same comfortable clothes to wear (probably black) because it’s easy

·         Not really bothered about making an effort as who is going to see it anyway

·         If you are using Zoom you only need to show shoulders and above

·         Can you relate to any of the above?

Here are a few tips to get you out of that rut.

Tip Number 1

Wear you best colours

Wearing your best colours can have a real effect on boosting your mood? Certain colours will drag you down, make your skin look sallow and drain your energy. If you are wearing the right colours for you, your skin will look healthier, eyes brighter, teeth whiter and your energy levels will lift.

Tip No 2

Does this Outfit make me feel good?

When you choose your clothes in the morning, ask yourself how does this make me feel. If you don’t feel good don’t wear it.

Tip No 3

Pop of colour

You can lift an outfit just by adding a pop of colour. That could be your favourite lipstick, a scarf or a colourful necklace

Tip No 4

Being comfortable, Stylish and Warm

My favourite item at the moment is the Poncho. When the weather is cold we need layers. They are much more flattering than thick jumpers and suitable for all ages and body shapes. Great for adding a pop of colour

Tip Number 5

Declutter your wardrobe

Spring cleaning and sorting through the clutter that has accumulated is very therapeutic.  Why not join my workshop on Creating a Capsule Wardrobe?