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Stripes, Spots and Animal print

Stripes, Spots and Animal print

Getting the Best from your purchases
Its all about safe bets and what I mean when I say that, is buying something that we know won't date. Great for the pocket and even better for the environment. With this in mind, Here a few tips that will guarantee years of wear. In fact, I hope that you wear them out before they date!

1. The Stripe
Who doesn't love a good Breton stripe? Actually to be a true Breton, it should have 21 stripes, each representing a Napoleon victory because sailors were wearing stripes way back in 1858 (apparently the distinctive print made it easier to spot wayward sailors who had fallen over-board). Breton tops come into their own in spring, when we see fresh shades of colour in the shops.
Stripes can be used to balance out your figure. Triangles (or pear shapes) can use broad stripes across their top half, particularly from the bust up, to balance the shoulders and hips. This shirt is a particularly good example of how a triangle can broaden her shoulder area, and at the same time, lift the eye away from the hips, a potential problem area.
Lean hourglasses can create the illusion of curves. Keep in the back of your mind that stripes, particularly broad ones can build up an area.
Of course vertical stripes are excellent for lengthening the torso, an easy fix if you're looking for those extra inches.

2. Spots
Very much on trend at the moment but spots never really date do they? Consider scale when choosing prints. Larger frames will suit larger prints. Think 1950s super sized polka dots. And for petites, tiny little spots will work well.

3. Animal Print
We really should be tired of animal print by now, but somehow it always remains current. Keep the print to one item only, whether that is shoes, top, coat or bag.
Your colouring will determine which animal print will flatter you most. Warm skin tones will suit the traditional brown leopard print, whereas someone with contrast (dark hair, bright eyes) will love zebra print. There really is something for everyone and if bright colours are your thing, you can opt for pink, turquoise or even lilac animal print.